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Have you ever wondered why that relationship didn't work, even when you were both good people?

Surely we've all been there... You feel like you're mothering him, or you feel like a boy around her, and neither of you know why, or how to get out of it.

She doesn't want a(nother?) child.  He doesn't want mothered. Resentment leads to withdrawal, which leads to contraction and a shutting down of openness and a willingness to try new things or even to be constructively honest.  

A relationship that could have found its way around such normal gender tensions ends up collapsing in mutual triggering or blaming.

She wonders why he won't take on the challenges that lay before him, make those changes they both know about, or talk about x, y or z more clearly.

He wonders why she won't be more open and available to him sexually.  Why she resists and makes everything so complicated.  Why she won't go along with your ideas and plans.

Our culture has set it up so that everyone has this idea that they 'are so precious and amazing and deserve the best' so 'don't you settle for less than perfect.'

So-called friends tell you 'not to put up with x, y, z' (from their edifice of lifelong happy relationship and family life?) and so you give up, perhaps without even really knowing what is going on, end it, and wait to start again with someone new, before certain things rear their ugly heads again...

sound familiar?  If you want to put an end to the relationships relay race and learn what's really going on the you are in the right place!

EMI will show you how to know when your inner masculine/feminine are misfiring causing sabotage, how to get past seemingly insurmountable tension.  How to get past the triggers and the trauma with your partner to experience deeper and fuller union and intimacy than ever before.. and finally, how to get our of the Mother / Boy paradigm if you are still in it.

And this is just intimate relating.  EMI contains the keys to transforming leadership/teamwork and parenting effectiveness as well!

Introducing ElectroMagnetic Interaction (EMI) for Gender, Leadership and Relating Mastery

The EMI Study programme is an online course that will give you all the keys to understanding what is going on in all your relationships : intimate, work, and parent/child.  Whether you are a therapist or other professional who wants to be MUCH more effective in the area of gender, relating and communication, or whether you just want personal insight and better relationships, the EMI programme will deliver lasting insight and change.

Special offer! Enroll now and get an early bird 35% discount !

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

When you sign up, you'll get a confirmation email acknowledging your place. You'll then be notified when the course opens and how to access your content closer to the time.  

You'll get access to the course material (video, practical and written,) and a complete online social network and forums to discuss, share and ask questions.  You'll be able learn from the practical experience and application of others, as they can learn from you.  

You can complete the course in your own time, and you'll have lifelong access to the course material, as well as to ANY new modules or material that are added later.  This way, you don't lose out on any advances in the field. 

Find the Keys to Relating 

EMI specifically shows you how to recognise what is going on in 'relationship tension' and how to get around it, work with it & overcome it. Each time yielding greater connection, relationship power and intimacy

Finally Crack the Teamwork Thing

Whether you are trying to 'activate your team' or 'trying to Take Charge' or 'trying not to be bored to death by that boss,' EMI will help you see what is happening, and what you can do to turn things around almost overnight (this works just as well for 'inspiring the kids!')

Understand the Gender Thing

This is a bit of a sore-spot word in our world, but one of the greatest points of personal relief   and ease-with-self gained with EMI practitioners is the clear distinctions between the masculine and feminine within: to finally know when 'one is in one, or the other,' what the difference is, and how to wield them with skill for just deliciously better relating...

Lifelong Learning and Insight

EMI is not some flash in the pan 'one hit' insight. It is a method for lifelong learning, growth and analysis which will continue to deliver fresh new insights and lessons for ever greater depths of connection and understanding.... for as long as you live!  

Here's some of what’s in the course

EMI is full of useful insights and practical ways of taking better care of yourself and others.


Module 1: The Baby on the Mat

This module contains the keys to knowing what Self Mastery is.  How you can consciously move towards it, and how to find near-boundless compassion for your imperfect (past) efforts to express yourself emotionally, mentally, sensually & sexually.
Not only that, you'll be able to understand why so-and-so expresses themselves in 'that odd way' or why another may NOT express themselves.  Compassion and insight just grows and grows from the learnings in this module


Module 2: ElectroMagnetic Interaction

This module clearly lays out the language patterns that already exist, that we are all already using, that seem to denote gender positions perfectly.  The great power and joy from this module is that there are no new terms.  What we discover is that we have already been describing gender perfectly with language such as 'attraction', 'the spark' and 'taking charge' - we just didn't realise it.  This module delivers the ability to analyse any relating situation in a gender context with a view to facilitating understanding and greater connection, as compared with flare ups, triggers and hidden tensions.


Module 3: The Gender of Communication

This module will help you understand what is actually happening in successful and unsuccessful communication.  You will learn to clearly understand the difference between 'expression,' 'presentation' and 'communication,' where they are all distinct ways of seeking to connect with others. 

This delivers the key ability to know how to work to communicate, which is to help another to conceive something new. Since conception is the product of a fertile gender alignment, it is gender insight that delivers the understanding of how to help others conceive what you mean instead of you just 'expressing yourself.'  


Module 4: Taking Charge

'Charge' language is about the masculine in us all, as it relates to the electrical-like spark in us to be inspired (or triggered) to bring CHANGE.   This module helps you move away from 'talking about how you feel' to learning to 'speak, stand and express FROM/WITH how you feel.' 

In the first, your feeling is absent and disembodied and those hearing 'hear you,' but they can't 'feel you.' In the latter, you are infused with feeling as you let it passionately move through you as you gradually learn to Take Charge of the feeling move through your body. You will use it to inspire, awaken, evoke, connect and bring the changes you so dearly want and need, instead of it misfiring in outbursts and low moods borne of not feeling heard or seen.

This utterly transforms our ideas and ways of how leaders 'get a team to Take Charge of their roles without needing constant supervision' to how we get our partners, friends and even kids/parents to really hear us, feel us, and be moved to respond as if they had really understood us. 

This all comes from learning to 'Take Charge' of feeling instead of 'Talking About It,' and this module will give you all the keys and tools to doing just that.

About The Course Teacher,
Darren Deojee

Darren Deojee is a teacher of Toltec Gender and Relating. He has made it ‘western compatible’ with the EMI (electromagnetic interaction) framework. He has 25 years practice experience and 14 years of teaching. He mentors men, women and couples and runs rites of passage and retreats for men. You can get mentoring time and find out about his retreats at

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

These are just some of the testimonials from people who have worked with Darren over the years.

James Howes


The Only Fitting Word Is 'Magic'

Working with Darren was an adventure in its own right.

There were moments where the word ‘serendipity’ would not do justice to the unfolding events; the only fitting word is ‘magic.'

Work with Darren, and your life will never be the same again.

I am ignited by purpose and excited to work each day, and my partner and I are soon to become parents to our first baby!

There is NOBODY in the coaching world with a perspective and insight quite like Darren’s. You’ll never hear anything like it. He can change your life.

Adam Rogerson


A Phenomenal Experience 

Aphenomenal experience, completely life-changing and has caused a shift in my perception that is incredibly profound.

Thank you so much for this truly wonderful experience. I do not feel as though you taught me, rather that you cleared away the cobwebs and allowed me to see the what was already there and always has been. I feel renewed and alive and ready to face life as the mysterious and wonderful adventure it really is.

I can only say that Darren’s work is unlike anything I have ever experienced before and I would recommend anyone and everyone to take part – your ideas about the world will change it forever.”

James Taylor

Self - Employed

Actually, I Couldn't Imagine It Could Be This Good

Being able to dive in like that.... just creates this bond I have never, ever experienced before. Mate this is crazy, this is next level stuff.

The most wild thing is that nobody is doing it! It's not a conversation I can have with my mates down the pub about. It's such a shame how it is so controversial.

Anyway man, incredible experience. This is just the best relationship I could've ever imagined myself in. Actually, I couldn't imagine it could be this good. Just crazy man"

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Course Enrollments close on December 31st 2020


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If for any reason you are not happy with your EMI investment, you are entitled to a complete refund within 30 days of starting the course. This way, you have nothing to lose!

A Closing Note

This course is the culmination of a lifetime of gender confusion, study, practice and teaching.

It is a great pleasure to be able to bring you so much experience distilled into one accessible programme. 

This work has transformed not only my own relationships, but also enabled me to find such huge compassion and understanding about myself and others in my life.  I know if can for you too.