This is  The Reset Technique. 
Learn it in 15 minutes: use it for life


Why You'll Love This Technique:

It's perhaps the most simple technique you'll ever learn. 

Which is perhaps why it is so powerful.  The Reset Technique(tm) can snap us into a different mode of perception within one breath.  One where it is impossible to be fixated or obsessed or charged up.

Of course, it takes some practice to achieve it in one breath, but since it  is a native state  within us, it is easy to improve quickly. 

It is one that can be used anywhere, anytime, anyplace, and really, requires no prior skills or knowledge - anyone can learn this.

You can use it for anything. It's a 'silver bullet' for any fixation, obsession or feeling.

There are few techniques as universal as this one.  I cannot claim it as 'mine,' but I have my own way of guiding people into it, and have added some breathing support from my own extensive use of it - those are 'mine,' but I am happy to share them.  

This has been taught for many purposes from the far east all the way to the far west!  As everything from an invisibility technique, to  tracking, to an open eyed meditation:  It is ancient, native and natural.

(For those yogically inclined, it is a direct form of pratyahara, or 'sense withdrawal,' but I did not learn  it as that, though I have taught it as that.)

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