Rite at the Edge is a Mystery of the Male Initiation event.  the process is kept a mystery on purpose.   The next Rite at the Edge will be near Manchester.  The date is tbc.  

here’s some testimonials from the last one:  

I will be joining Mark Taylor and Thomas ‘Wildheart’ Schorr-Kon for our 4th outing together as we take another group of men deep into masculine development, healing and connection.

Throughout the event, we will be learning from Mark’s hard one body wisdom, Thomas’ studiously learned bushcraft, survival and native spiritual skills and my mental gender work to bring you an unparalleled mens event that is balanced, insightful, deeply connecting and fun. 

Contact me or Thomas directly to book your place.  You can get Thomas on 07801 492482  and see more on his website

A day of embodiment work with world renowned Embodiment Facilitator Mark Walsh and myself.

Mark will be bringing his flavour of embodiment, which is a blend of the finest methods from around the world.  I’ll be bringing my ‘mental embodiment’ work and the results will be an amazing day for Brighton men!

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