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No One Does Coaching Like I Do

Why work with me?

Those who’ve worked with me have described the experience as “fantastically effective” and “filled with wisdom”. I’ve helped people fix their broken relationships, find their direction in life, discover and make peace with their sexuality, and cut through the knots of their childhood frustrations, wounds and trauma. My clients have learnt to resolve the seemingly unresolveable, and claim power, where they felt powerless. They’ve all done it differently, because the path to peace, power and purpose is different for all of us. Yet the first step has always been the same; they’ve been willing to walk with me, over the edge and into the unknown.

I Provide Coaching to Address a Range of Issues


Relationships & (dis)Connections

Analysing and understanding what’s really going on within any relationship, whether it’s characterised by conflict, uncertainty, or even disconnection. Whether at work or home; up or down hierarchy; with the spouse, kids or friends; professional or domestic; singles or couples: positive change is assured.

Taking Charge & Leadership

Rapidly redefine what this even means. Develop and deploy highly effective leadership and management techniques to transform your work dynamics, and the impact you bring. Whether your issue is just within you, or with a team, seniors, or the whole office, you will gain unparalleled insight, the ferrari of leadership tools, and the means to inspire any team, or impress any senior.

Masculinity Issues / Mens issues

Are you struggling to 'feel like a man' in the world these days? Or perhaps you are feeling ashamed or embarrassed about being a man, or for your behaviours or urges. Maybe you have worth issues, hope issues, addiction problems or power issues...or woman trouble. I can help you understand what is going on, and help you move towards overcoming obstacles and blocks to being the man you aspire to be. I can help with any and all mens issues: professional, mental, emotional, physical..or woman trouble... historical or current,

Past Trauma Getting in the Way of Now

Many of us have knots from the past. Trauma either from childhood or past relationships (be they work or personal.) These literal knots from events across our lives get in the way of healthy expression, and healthy experience 'now'. If you have blocks, knots or past trauma getting in the way of you living a vibrant life and expressing yourself healthily now - I can give you the tools to address them, and support you as you apply them.

Presence and Personal Authority

If you feel ineffective or invisible with colleagues or desired partners, and you'd like to not only make more impact, but for it to be REAL presence, not faked behaviour. I can help you to really bring yourself into a space and be noticed, and felt, without being a peacock or a clown.

Purpose and Meaning

If you are feeling lost in your quest for Purpose, or lacking a sense of meaning in your life, I can help. I will work with you to find what I call the Threads of Power in your life that will guide you to your natural potential, power and Purpose. If you already know you Purpose but are struggling in how to bring about the necessary changes, or to 'do it,' get in touch.

Self-Worth or Self-Esteem Issues

At the root of all life is our basic worth, and we seem to be born with a knowledge of it as most of us as young toddlers expressed great exuberance, hope and courageous effort borne of a basic sense of value. Our circumstances can often knock this out of us and leave us unable to find it again. Without a sense of it, it can be difficult to even get up! Let alone feel good consistently. If you have low self esteem or self worth issues, I can help you get yourself on the road to confidence and a true sense of value that will only grow.

Emotional Load & Depression

Are you just on the edge of anger, damaging your relationships? or perhaps you carry a sadness, powerlessness, hopelessness or frustration that you can't seem to get relief from. Maybe your anxious, fearful or just overwhelmed. Maybe you don't even know how you feel because the 'black dog' of depression has you. I can help with any emotional load or overload.

Resilience and Future-Proofing

We live in times of great uncertainty. Many who would otherwise feel comfortable are struggling to adapt or develop a strategy to navigate the years ahead. If you are experiencing anxiety or concerns about the future due to a sense of insecurity or instability in the world, and want to take steps to cultivate a sense of resilience and capacity, I can help.

Sexuality, Sensuality or Gender

If you are experiencing concerns over your sensual or sexual behaviours, or you are confused or uncomfortable around gender and sexuality, I can offer you uniquely effective and powerful support and lifelong tools. This is a speciality of mine and I teach from the little-known Toltec gender system. No matter the issue, behaviour or state of things just now, clarity, understanding and increased capacity lie ahead if we work together.

"Anyone who has connected with Darren will know that what he shares is deeply important and filled with wisdom.

I have not come across this kind of stuff anywhere else."
Diarmaid Browne
Globe Theatre
"Enjoyable, life changing and massively empowering. For me, this was quite possibly the best £££ I EVER spent. My mind was, and remains, blown.

His insights have already provided benefits in business, my social life and beyond.
Tom Mallens
Sales Trainer
">There is NOBODY in the coaching world with a perspective and insight quite like Darren’s. You’ll never hear anything like it. He can change your life.

There were moments where the word ‘serendipity’ would not do justice to the unfolding events; the only fitting word is ‘magic. ”
James Howes
Investor and Entrepreneur

Are you able, and willing?

For a coaching relationship with me to succeed, my clients need to possess both conscious willing and conscious ability. Conscious willing refers to a client’s willingness to work on themselves and try new behaviour. Conscious ability is a client’s capacity to actually do the work and try the new behaviour. Without both, it is not possible for change to take place. I first realised the relationship between these two necessary components while working in mental health in Manchester, England, with people suffering from a range of distresses, anxieties and fixations. Clients must be both willing and able - consciously - to bring about the change they seek, with my guidance, or it won’t work.

Other things I can help with

Anger Frustration Unhappiness Loneliness Disconnectedness (from others) Unattractiveness to the complementary sex Powerlessness Worthlessness / inadequacy Resilience / future proofing living with fear Inadequacy Self control Getting mind, emotion and body to work together Confidence Direction and purpose Comfort with limitation Finding one’s place Connecting with others Communication improvement Spiritual or religious growth or crises

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