Here is some experience from past clients.  These experiences are not unusual.  As long as you do the work we devise together, you’ll get great results. : 


I am ignited by purpose and excited to work each day

"Working with Darren was an adventure in its own right. There were moments where the word ‘serendipity’ would not do justice to the unfolding events; the only fitting word is ‘magic.'

Work with Darren, and your life will never be the same again.

I am ignited by purpose and excited to work each day, and my partner and I are soon to become parents to our first baby!

There is NOBODY in the coaching world with a perspective and insight quite like Darren’s. You’ll never hear anything like it. He can change your life.

Read James' full testimonial and account of his experience with me here


James Howes Investor and Entrepreneur

A phenomenal experience: completely life-changing

a phenomenal experience, completely life-changing and has caused a shift in my perception that is incredibly profound.

Thank you so much for this truly wonderful experience. I do not feel as though you taught me, rather that you cleared away the cobwebs and allowed me to see the what was already there and always has been. I feel renewed and alive and ready to face life as the mysterious and wonderful adventure it really is.

I can only say that Darren’s work is unlike anything I have ever experienced before and I would recommend anyone and everyone to take part – your ideas about the world will change it forever.”

Adam Rogerson

For me, this was quite possibly the best £xx I EVER spent

enjoyable, life-changing and massively empowering. I came on the recommendation of a friend and didn't know what to expect.

Within the first 10 minutes alone, Darren exceeded ALL my expectations. I found his insights into self-sovereignty powerful, transformative and liberating.

Darren is an extremely skilled communicator. An engaging storyteller. And a masterful teacher.

His ability to use analogies to give fresh perspectives on life, the universe and everything is extremely potent. For me, this was quite possibly the best £xx I EVER spent. My mind was, and remains, blown. It was only until I heard Darren speak that I realised how much more there is in life for me to look forward to, enjoy, celebrate and be grateful for.

His insights have already provided benefits in business, my social life and beyond. I would recommend Darren's work without reservation to anyone who wants to take charge of their lives and live positively and joyfully.

Tom Mallens Sales Trainer

Actually, I couldn't imagine it could be this good.

Being able to dive in like that and be honest just creates this bond I have never, ever experienced before. Mate this is crazy, this is next level stuff.

The most wild thing is that nobody is doing it! It's not a conversation I can have with my mates down the pub about. It's such a shame how it is so controversial.

Anyway man, incredible experience. This is just the best relationship I could've ever imagined myself in. Actually, I couldn't imagine it could be this good. Just crazy man"

James Taylor

Deeply important and filled with wisdom

there is nothing else I have experienced which gave me so many 'pointers' in the right direction in such a short period of time!

The content of Darren's teachings is profound, alive, and unquestionably earnest.

Anyone who has connected with Darren will know that what he shares is deeply important and filled with wisdom.

I have not come across this kind of stuff anywhere else.

Diarmaid Browne Pastoral Care, Globe Theatre

I haven't felt this good in decades!

Thanks for helping me to find myself - haven't felt this good in decades

Elizabeth Pell

Video testimonial

as a change from all that text, here's a video from Henry

Henry Lee

So much to learn from this man, there just doesn't seem to be enough time.

Darren or Christopher as he is sometimes called is one of the most insightful, interesting individuals i have ever come across.

He is masterful in his delivery and even though he stretches his audience mental capacity he keeps the event upbeat and engaging. So much to learn from this man, there just doesn't seem to be enough time.

His topics seamlessly flow into another without fancy props, graphics or stage lighting. And as i have learned from the man himself, the most valuable asset is ones attention and he certainly is worth it"


A whole new path of being and knowing

Darren's sessions are like crossroads, I think, bringing you the opportunity to explore a whole new path of being and knowing, and I strongly encourage all who can to take advantage of this magical possibility.

Amy student

You have a way of opening peoples eyes to reality without blinding them

You have a way of opening peoples eyes to reality without blinding them and I truly hope that one day I will know half of what you know and that I will help man kinds evolution in the way that you are.

I feel you’ll play a big role in my spiritual education and I am very grateful for how lovely you are with it.

Emma Welsh Geneticist

Invaluable for personal development

Invaluable for personal development. Darren has so much knowledge to share in a down-to-earth and easy to learn way

Julie Silver Health Advisor

One of the most scintillating geniuses of our time

One of the most scintillating geniuses of our time.

Ian Powell

You saved my marriage!

You saved my marriage of 25 years! Thank you ever so much!

Julie Banks

(the) liberating effects are quite profound

Wonderful and essentially simple……..I highly recommend Darren's work, (I learnt) to see things in a whole new way and its liberating effects are quite profound. You will not come across another teacher who is more genuine, engaging and inspiring!

Kat Thompson