I Am a Coach Like No Other

I love transforming lives; I love sharing in my clients’ victories, hearing their tales of change and growth

About Me

I live in Suffolk, England with my wonder-full partner of 13 years, and our 4 lively children. I was born and raised in the Scottish industrial town of Livingston, speckled with significant time on the beautiful, remote Hebridean island of Rhum which, at the time, was a nature reserve without a single car on it (there were only land rovers and VERY rocky roads!). I attended the school there on-and-off over the years where my sisters and I would double the population of the school to 6! This contrast laid the foundations for the work I have pursued for the past 25 years, which has been to cure what I call 'mental disembodiment', where the mind seems disconnected from emotion and from body, a seeming observer, often in conflict with both body and emotion, or dominating them. This appeared to be a side effect of modern abstract education in all but athletes and performers it seemed to me. something I saw as a pandemic around me, and in me I worked hard and had real personal breakthroughs that lead to the work I now offer others. Going way beyond just embodiment, toward integration - of expression, of connection, of relating, of self. The tools I use are unique to me, and universally useful to any, but I pay homage to my years in the Toltec tradition and practises, fusing both American and African lineages in my life. I have been working with these ways for 25 years. I have been teaching for 13. The methods I use are unique, which is why I tend to refer to my testimonials as to their efficacy. And it doesn't matter what walk of life you are in, or what level or stage - these will be new to you, they will work for you, and you will be able to bring change and massive insight with them I now divide my time between client sessions, wild retreats and speaking engagements, in locations around the world, and my family home in Suffolk, England, where I live with my partner and four children. My life is not glamorous, but is nonetheless rich and deeply satisfying, and continues to grow in all of these qualities. Yours can be too.

How I Work

A typical first session with me looks and feels like any other coaching session. Except that it isn’t. I work on problems indirectly, as the session unfolds, to help you see what you haven't yet. We go looking for what I call the Threads of Power in your situations...and always find them.

What I Do Differently

i draw upon 25 years of immersion in ancient Toltec wisdom, a (native ancestral teaching,) as well as my employed & entrepreneurial experience in small and large corporate bodies, in both private and public sector, including 5 years in mental health. I combine all this with my 13 years of teaching and client work to bring unparalleled scope, experience and insight to help with your life challenges.

What Happens?

Situations that previously seemed incomprehensible, become immediately clear. Problems sometimes dissolve there and then, but more commonly, clients are simply shown the first, usually unexpected, step. The results that follow are down to their committed effort.

this begins a journey, with my support, for as long as it takes to reach your desired outcomes.

"A phenomenal experience, completely life-changing and has caused a shift in my perception that is incredibly profound.

I can only say that Darren’s work is unlike anything i have ever experienced before and i would recommend anyone and everyone to take part – your ideas about the world will change it forever.”
Adam Rogerson

So that's enough about me for now..

I'd love to hear from you if you are hungering for some deep and meaningful change in your life.

I pay homage to Theun Mares Carlos Castaneda Don Juan Alice A Bailey The Tibetan V. Van Dam Jesus Buddha M Scott Peck Robert Greene many others

I pay homage to the works of the above, and many others, who’s work I was able to use practically, and I have either built on it, or from it in some way.