work with me, 1-to-1

Thanks for your interest in working with me 1-to-1.

The first consultation session is complimentary. We will explore what you want to work on, and I assess if, and how, I will be able to assist you.

It will take usually between 1 and 2 hours, but it could be shorter or longer depending on the case. I’ll make a proposal to you by the end of the session or shortly after.

I do not work with everyone as in some cases another coach may be better suited.

Although the first session is free you will be asked to pay a fully refundable deposit while booking your time slot. This is returned if we agree not to work together. It will be offset against the first invoice if we do agree to work together. It will be forfeit if you don’t show up to our call.

This is because I run 2 businesses, have 4 children who are home educated, and a partner to share my time between, as well as needing my own growth time, and down time. I do not have time for idle fishing conversations, and have limited call slots. I want to speak to people who are serious about change, who value their time, and mine, and are happy to prove it.

To continue, please complete the below survey, pick your date and time and I’ll look forward to our call or meeting.

Consultation Survey
While some may feel this is not relevant to the subject you wish to address, I have found it to always be a factor. Disclosing now speeds up our process together

What would you like to address?

check as many as are true. While this seems like a big list, it is very helpful to make our consultation efficient. This list rearranges itself randomly every time - they are in no order of importance.
If you are unable to prioritise, tell me your top few.
deposits will be FULLY refunded if we do not go on to work together after consultation. If we do work together, it will be deducted from the first invoice. If you miss our appointment, you lose your deposit. Up to 48 hrs prior, you may reschedule or cancel the appointment.
without your consent, we cannot even receive your contact information.