James Howes – Full Testimonial

Working with Darren, on an intensive, six-month retained basis, equipped me with the ability to wield my energetic charge, directing it towards my life’s purpose rather than spilling it fruitlessly in explosive anger at the tiniest incidents.

When I first met Darren, I was in danger of losing my friends due to my rage, I felt trapped in my romantic relationship, and I couldn’t shake a deep-seated listlessness and lack of purpose and direction.

Now I have higher quality friendships (and the only ones I lost were ones I chose to lose),

I am ignited by purpose and excited to work each day, and my partner and I are soon to become parents to our first baby!

There is NOBODY in the coaching world with a perspective and insight quite like Darren’s. You’ll never hear anything like it. He can change your life.”

I encountered Darren for the first time when he delivered a speech at a conference I attended, unlike any I’d ever heard before.

This was not ‘personal development’ – he didn’t tell the audience to ‘just be themselves and let their light shine!’ or any such other trite cliches – nor was it even a personal development conference (it was actually political in nature).

His speech contained fantastically unique concepts, linking electromagnetic language to natural dynamics between men and women that, in my opinion, all too many of us have lost sight of in our current time. It also focussed on the power of our ancestors, and the gifts they’ve provided, which many of take for granted, in a way I’d never heard before, and have never since. I was gripped and I said to my brother, who was next to me in the audience at the time, “I need to speak to that man.”

I approached Darren after his speech and signed up to work with him on my anger issues. At the time, I was constantly exploding at my friends and family, for minor indiscretions and frustrations. I was always having to apologise for losing my temper, and was at risk of losing those closest to me.

I felt frustrated with the company around me and didn’t see how to deal with it. I felt lacking in purpose, direction and vision for my life. I also felt trapped in my romantic relationship, uncertain of its future but lacking the courage to make a decision.

I engaged Darren for a six month period of intensive, 1-1 work, face to face, for two hours a week, with an additional two hours of phone support as and when it was needed, day or night. His dedication to my transformational success was evident immediately.

Darren taught me how to handle the charge that surges through me – through every man – and how to direct it to fruitful, productive ends. He helped bring clarity to my direction, and guts to my decision-making. He did all this with instantly relatable concepts and models, none of which I’d ever seen or heard anywhere else, but all of which made implicit, immediate sense.

We studied the gender dynamics at work in the universe around us, and the fractal representations of these everywhere you care to see them. We considered what it means to ‘take charge’, or to ‘cross the line’ (and neither of them are precisely what you think they are). He encouraged me to have tough conversations, drawing lines (another concept that doesn’t mean precisely what you think it does) I was reluctant to draw before. It was tough work – but Darren’s support and guidance were unwavering.

After six months, my life was totally different. I had a calmness I’d not tasted before. I was no longer blowing up at everybody. My romantic life took strides of positivity, improving dramatically as a result of my improved ability to make decisions and take steps forward; to lead from the front. In fact, it has improved so much so that I’ve gone from feeling trapped and uncertain, to feeling such conviction in my choice of partner that we are soon expecting our first child together (fully planned and talked through, unlike so many conceptions these days).

Working with Darren was an adventure in its own right. I would leave each of our sessions with a new paradigm on the most seemingly mundane of concepts. What I thought I knew was challenged and I relished every moment of it. There were moments where the word ‘serendipity’ would not do justice to the unfolding events; the only fitting word is ‘magic.

I am sure he would not mind me saying, but Darren wasn’t always this way. He battled through the cultural miasma of our age throughout his life, and penetrated its membrane in the same way that all men must do, through arduous trial. Having done so, he was there to welcome me into the world of men and I could not have asked for a stronger warrior to have met me on the other side. I am proud to call him ‘brother’, in the truest sense of the word.

This work is not easy. It is not for the faint of heart nor for the closed of mind. But for the right few? Work with Darren, and your life will never be the same again.