Wildman: Male Mystery beyond The Edge (mens retreats)

Join us delving into Male Mystery to the greatest heights and depths available today.  

But we can’t and won’t tell you what we will do. Because male power, initiation and transformation does not happen by having a list of ‘what’s happening’ beforehand.  It simply does not and has never worked that way.

But here are some videos to give you insights, and testimonials to give you confidence. 

Join Thomas Schorr-Kon of Trackways, and Mark Taylor and I in a foray over the Edge and into the Unknown…Sign up and book today!


Never has true nativity, indigenuity and male connection been a more necessary medicine.

Walk the path to true resilience and inner worth, presence and purpose with us this Spring. Using ancestral, native truths and ways, re-fined and re-formed for the Now, we will show you ‘How’.

Join us, in the Unknown… and be changed, charged, cleared and connected in this year of 2020 Vision

Book Your place for Sussex Woodland Wildman event:
March 18-22nd 2020  £250 per head

From scorning mens events myself for so many years, and thinking they were ‘whingey, group hug places,’ I can understand not feeling like coming along to one.  

I assure you our events are not like that! See the testimonials at the bottom of the page for past experiences.

Male connection really is the best way to shake yourself up, get out of a rut, or just start a fresh chapter of life.

Maybe you’re afraid to come? Afraid of not knowing what’s happening?  Afraid you may be seen as a boy, as a fraud, as a ‘not manly man’?  

You are never afraid of ‘another’ – man, situation, woman. Fear is about not trusting yourself to cope with the situation or person, and what it may reveal about you, or what might happen.   Lose the fear by learning to trust yourself with us.

Integrity is really ‘a reliable structure.’  It is something a man builds within himself so others can experience a reliable man, but that is not a doing ‘now’ – it is the result of his prior effort.

Building integrity requires testing, practice, exposure to the Unknown to discover resource you didn’t know you had.  To be enabled and empowered and seen by your fellow man so you know that what you have built, practised, developed IS reliable, first for YOU, then others benefit from that confidence, and competence in you.

Book Your place for Sussex Woodland Wildman event:
March 18-22nd 2020  £250 per head

Lot's more short excerpt videos coming here over the next few days...

If you don’t want to wait for the short-edits, go ahead and fill your dopamine levels : Watch the full conversation here : (44 minutes)

Testimonials from previous forays beyond the edge: