Caveman – Scouting Weekend – Darren Deojee's Native Intelligence Caveman – Scouting Weekend – Darren Deojee's Native Intelligence

Caveman – Scouting Weekend

For Booking enquiries or questions, please contact my events liaison Steven on 07935485378 or email steven ‘at’ or use the contact form. 

Available spaces for this event are limited to a small number.

This is a graduate event for men who have been through our initial Rites Weekend.

We will be journeying to the ancient, mystical and magical island of Mull to go deeper and further into ancestral connection and the Mysteries of the Male.

This magical isle and region has been used for millenia, by peoples from all over Europe and North Africa, for rites and reflection at the very edge of their known prehistoric world.  We’ll be exploring deeply into those mysteries as we spend our event staying in various caves on the island with very particular qualities and skills being evoked, stretched and revealed.

This incredibly beautiful island provides an epic and majestic context for our journey, with stunning wildlife – from otters to minke whales and a known family of orcas, as well as a feast of birds of prey, including the majestic Eagle: what better backdrop for a deeply native journey into our natural habitat of ‘this male body’ and our lands, which is both hard, and soft; beautiful….and terrifying.

This is a monumental event and I look forward to sharing it with the men who can join us.

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