Healing the Money Wound – FREE EVENT – Darren Deojee's Native Intelligence Healing the Money Wound – FREE EVENT – Darren Deojee's Native Intelligence

Healing the Money Wound – FREE EVENT

For Booking enquiries or questions, please contact my events liaison Steven on 07935485378 or email steven ‘at’ darrendeojee.com or use the contact form. 

Join me for an online webinar where we look at the all-too-common ‘money wound’ and different ways to heal it properly.

This event, due to the nature of the topic, is entirely FREE.

I’m doing this now because money pressures are rising on everyone, and healing our relationship with it is the number 1 way to ease the flow of it into, and throughout, our lives, as well as to transform our very idea of it, for its nature is not what most think.

The Money Wound is a complex affair – a mix of intergenerational trauma and poverty, negative socialisation, abuse of it by others, and ‘logical fallacies,’ these intertwine and all to easily cause people to block the flow of this ancestral gift and tool in their lives.

In this workshop, you’ll learn a very different way of understanding money, one which can transform your relations with it.

Money is a neutral tool, like electricity (they both operate with ‘currency/current’).  Electricity can take a life, but it gives life too. It’s polarity is revealed in its usage, not its essence.  Money can be used to restrict and choke life, but it can be used to open it up and bring meaningful, lasting change too.

The usual flavour of the money wound I have experienced is as follows : person grows up seeing publicly powerful people, who have lots of money, do bad or distasteful, or even evil things.  We might think either ‘money made them that way’ or ‘money goes to people like that’.  Either way, we end up viewing money as the dirty thing, not the truth that the PERSON is the one who is dirty or clean, not the money.  It is a pristine ancestral tool and gift with a very particular function, as we will see.

Money is a tool. Like a hammer or screwdriver.  They bring different kinds of change to your world.  But say someone has 50 hammers, and most others have 1.  Someone with the 50 starts bashing heads in with one of theirs.  Others start to think hammers are bad and they begin to view their 1 with distaste

Healing our relationship with the essence of money, rather than dwelling on ‘how other people use it’ allows blocks to clear, and universal abundance to start flowing more easily to support you.

Of course, it doesn’t happen by itself, we usually have to unlock some creativity, personal power, personal belief and inspiration to make it really work well, but if you think about it, as human beings, these are all qualities a whole and healthy human should have operating!  So any healthy human who heals this wound, can attract enough money and resource to take care of their needs.

This isn’t about ‘getting rich’ though. It’s about a true healing process so you can access more easily a pristine and useful, and currently irreplaceable, resource to further your visions and dreams.

Join me for this FREE online workshop – you can register to join me here



  1. Kaz

    Hello Darren
    How do I join this event?

  2. Rafial

    Greetings Darren my brother, long time no dialogue. It’s Rafial (Shaune’s younger brother). I look forward to receiving the wisdom.

  3. Warren Bowden

    Thank you Darren I’d love to attend Healing the Money wound, I have this belief ‘money is the root of all evil’ still and I don’t think this belief is serving me and not sure what to do about it, if its printed and made by the wrong kind of people I struggle to see that it can be anything else.
    Love from Warren

    • Darren

      Warren, you’re not the first connection of mine to have that opinion. It will be a pleasure to try help you with expanding your view and claim what is good and true about it, because the people you refer to did not invent ‘what money is’, they simply appropriated it.. I’ll send you the event registration info as the automated booking isn’t working properly on this site yet.

    • Darren

      Hey Warren, just emailled, but you can also just use this link : https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUsd-GtqjMoEtAM9QleuS3O0R6ac_JccWHW

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