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Living Sounds, Living Stones

For Booking enquiries or questions, please contact my events liaison Steven on 07935485378 or email steven ‘at’ or use the contact form. 

Join me in Avebury, one of the most spectacular stone age remnants still standing in the whole land, if not the world, for some radical spelling.  This is integrated, everyday, modern magic, made understandable to anyone, to enable everyone to reclaim a unique aspect of our righteous ‘Right to Be Here’, which is a powerful voice and sound that occupies your space, and honours your spirit.

This is a special place by any measure, we’ll be based in the village hall for some Character Development sound work where we explore the impact of everyday sounds on our presence and awareness, and on our ability to transmit feeling: to enable us to be better seen and heard by those we seek to connect with.

This day will be a radical day of sound-reclaiming.  This is not ‘chanting’, this is not ‘singing’, this is a healing reclamation of our Native Sounds and how we can use them simply, and extravagantly, to create huge changes in our space, our state, and in the effectiveness of our communications.  Being in Avebury means we can experiment with sharing our sounds in-and-with the Stones to see what we experience in our awareness, perception and the resulting altered states.

We’ll look at the science (I mean ‘repeatable methods with repeatable results’ ) of HOW sound can do this, and then we’ll get into the Art of it all.

We’ll heal the mental aspect of being able to use sound in this ‘new’ yet ancient way, so you can really feel it and own it as YOURS, then we’ll delve deeply into the alphabet: our existing catalogue of powerful, organised sounds to see what magic and shifts we can find as we ‘re-search’ (which means ‘to look over a territory we’ve been over before’) this magical part of self where mind, connection and embodiment come together in a way that is not replicated or replaced in any other way or method.


The way I teach sound is different to others – I don’t approach it as singing or as chanting, but as a hidden natural use of voice and sound that is truly native to all of us – it doesn’t ‘belong’ to any culture or religion, and is a ‘common ancestor’ natural aspect of all ours humanity, and one of the native and natural tools for us to connect, express, be seen, felt, heard and experience genuinely shifted states of awareness and perception.

We work with the alphabet, which is like the ‘machine code’ in a computer, but as a level of mind.  Most of us when working with sound are operating at ‘application’ level, where we’re tied to language and words, not to the raw and embodied individual character sounds.  Working in this way, brings the mind into a truly different kind of alignment with sound – both the practice and nature of it, which allows new depths and heights to be achieved, both in the sounds themselves, and in our experience and sensations around it.

As I like to say, we’re all composing ourselves before we de-compose, and sounding together is a wonderful component of that process.


  1. Kaz

    Would love to join this please darren ☺️🙏🏼💖

    • Darren

      Hey Kaz! I’ll send you the info directly because the booking isn’t working properly on here yet. Look forward to sharing sounds with you 🙂

  2. Rachel

    Hello Darren!
    Im interested in your Avebury day in May. Where do I find details about booking, etc?
    I loved your shine seminars talk in Avebury last year and am interested in learning more!
    Looking forward to hearing from you
    Best wishes

    • Darren

      Hi Rachel! My booking system was supposed to be working on here… but it isn’t! :). Thanks so much for your kind words and I look forward to sharing with you at the time – I’ll be expanding it into areas of perception too, so there will be lots of new ground and experience covered. I’ll contact you directly.

  3. Warren Bowden

    Hi Darren

    I’d love to go to your Living Stones event please and your Sonic Gardening one too please
    Love form Warren

    • Darren

      Warren – that’s great to hear! My booking system on here isn’t working properly yet, else you’d be able to do it here. I have your details and I’ll contact you directly about these. Thanks for your interest and courage to comment.

  4. Jade Leanne Taylor


    Please email me:
    – the event start time
    – end time
    – venue postcode
    – cost
    – how to pay and book

    • Darren

      Hi Jade! I’ve just sent you an email with all the info on it for you. Thanks for your interest!

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