Mens Weekend : Suffolk September 2023 – Darren Deojee’s Native Intelligence Mens Weekend : Suffolk September 2023 – Darren Deojee’s Native Intelligence

Mens Weekend : Suffolk September 2023

For Booking enquiries or questions, please contact my events liaison Steven on 07935485378 or email steven ‘at’ or use the contact form. 

Ready to test your ideas about yourself? Ready for a new way of looking at, and experiencing, masculinity and maleness?  Ready for some profound skills, experiences and insights?  Are you ready for a level up?

Join us for a foray to the Edge to face the Unknown in a Male Rite of Passage weekend.

Many ‘Boy-men’ aka ‘femi-men’ (men who are more in their feminine than masculine, and have never felt the transition to ‘man’), and many women, like to scoff at the notion of the ‘becoming a man,’ as if it just happens by itself with ageing.

The countless men, many middle aged and older men I know who quietly admit they still feel ‘the boy’ strong in them, and the many women who experience aged men as just ‘big boys’  is testament to the reality I am speaking of – it doesn’t ‘just happen’.

But all this scoffing and scorning gives them an excuse to keep playing their games with themselves, their dear ones, and their lives, not realising the impact on the potential of all these things – their own potential, that of their relationships and their very lives.

Next thing you know…decades have passed, and life is not where we would wish…countless slump shouldered, addicted, or suicidal men are testament to the suffering that can happen by a lack of healthy identity as a man in the world.  The fact that suicide is the number ONE cause of death in men under 50 on our island should be telling us something is deeply wrong with how men are received, welcomed and supported.

There truly is a knowing field of ‘feeling and being a man’ that lies on the other side of the scoffs and jokes of the boy-man, and when men even begin to inhabit it, everything in their lives change, because they are truly changing (often with a internal relieved…’at last!’).

Deep levels of self-assurance, trust and capacity begin to emerge and, from my experience of watching this bloom in men over the years of this work, it is a truly unspeakable treasure and pleasure to bear witness to as men claim their uniqueness and power in new ways.

Perhaps never have we needed healthy, strongly-identified men than now.  Everything needs it – our communities, our families, our children/relatives and even our lands as predatory corporate behaviour starts to dig its nails and teeth in wherever it can.  One could easily say the ‘collaring and cuffing’ of men has been to bring about the very position we face now – disempowered, cowed men, ashamed of their natural energies, and ashamed and frustrated about how these forces move through them into behaviour so they are unmoved and unable to respond to the challenges facing them personally, and interpersonally.

Make this a weekend where all that changes, and new seeds get planted, and existing growth in you is tended.

Get tried and tested tools and methods, proven insights that build bridges for healing, and connect with other men on the path of response-able masculinity at this event.

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This event is in a private woodland in Suffolk from Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd September 2023.

£50 is required to book your place and it covers your food and camping for the weekend. This is so no man is denied access to their birthright to a Rite of Passage because of an event paywall.

It is also because no man can know the value of genuine Rites until he has experienced them, and he should determine the worth. At the end of the event you will be asked what you thought the experience and facilitation is worth, by your own measure and means, which you can pay in any reasonable time.


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