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The Peoples Public Trust

For Booking enquiries or questions, please contact my events liaison Steven on 07935485378 or email steven ‘at’ or use the contact form. 

I’ve been asked to speak on the PPT in Birmingham – the first time in many years, and perhaps never more needed than now! 

The Peoples Public Trust is a decentralised way of claiming/feeling the personal authority for dealing with abuses of power or role by public servants.  It’s been around since 2010 and the West Midlands branch has been running without break ever since!  It’s about correcting the relationship between the People, who are the Employer, and the Public Servant, who is, well, the servant (employee).  All too often this is forgotten by public servants, and the inhumanity of conduct experienced by too many brits

But anyone can ‘use the Trust’, BE the Trust.   Come and learn how today, and take charge of a method that can enable you to stand up for your own mistreatment by so-called ‘authorities’ and to stand up for those in your community when you need to.

This is a tried and tested method – public servants have been shown to respond very well to what the Trust stands for, and the ways and means I will share with you, will enable you to build bridges between humans in seemingly-opposing camps, rather than starting a firefight, which can so often be the case.

I believe the day is £10 and its for an all day event with multiple speakers, but that needs to be confirmed later when I get more info.  Get in touch if you definitely want to come to this one, and I’ll make sure you get all the info as soon as I do.  There is no charge from me to talk about the PPT, the charge is for the whole event.

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