Empowering the Knight Within


an 8 part workshop to transform your ideas of being a man and masculinity in the modern world, all using the seemingly archaic archetype of ‘the Knight.’

But we don’t mean the twee poetic emasculated knights as some perceive them today, this workshop updates the ideas of having a Standard, Temper & Mettle, and much more.  Join John Cooper and I in the unique event.



In this video series filmed over two days, John Cooper and I reveal the foundations of masculinity based upon centuries of archetypal wisdom. We show you how to be assertive in your life and with our connections with women, in the most honest and natural way possible.

We live at a point in time where our masculinity is being challenged to show new standards. As men we are being collectively blamed and shamed for the acts of a few. We also have no healthy male role models or compass to follow when it comes to showing up powerfully as a man. Our autonomy and sense of purpose has been sadly replaced with addictiveness, adolescence and pseudo-alpha maleness.

If you are prepared to step up in your life and be the man that women and the world deeply desire, then it is our promise that the very nature of this video series will burn away anything but the Empowered Knight Within.



Part 1 – “The Myth of Patriarchy”

As men we may not realise we carry the guilt and shame of men long dead or distant, loaded into us by culture and other women and men in our lives. This denies us the claiming, integration and development of our powerful masculine energy in the world. The men in society are quite literally “cuffed”, “collared” and “tied”.

Part 2 – “The Male Cycle – Taking Charge”

Learning how to recognise and use our ‘peak times’ gives us a breather from our own expectations of self and allows us to use our natural flows to best effect – from bringing dynamic (or gentle) change to our lives and relationships, to integrating and processing efficiently and effectively.

Part 3 – “The Mother/Boy Wound”

The gender crisis has left us with a super-strong masculine archetype in the women, and a super-strong feminine archetype in the men. This creates the sticking point between men and women connecting in a healthy way (and is one of the causes of the perceived need for ‘Game’ to be able to connect with women). If you ever felt like a boy in your relationship, or you ever felt mothered – this is for you.

Part 4 – “The Pseudo-Alpha Male”

You may have seen companies teach; how to be more “alpha”. Tenuously linking it to some evolutionary theory. The perceived alpha male image used in society and the men’s dating community is actually “the petulant boy” who is requiring constant validation from women and his peers. Here we dispel every ‘alpha’ myth, showing it to be a stagnant model of control/dictatorship stemming from the “Boy” archetype that cannot lead to anything lasting.


Part 5 – “Stop Being Yourself and Be-Come Yourself”

“Just BE yourself!” This is the best and the worst advice you can get. “Being” is your feminine principle – acceptance, receptivity, softness. And the “Coming” is your masculine – it is that which is to come, your penetration into the world, your change, your aspiration. It’s not fully realised yet, but it’s Coming. Acceptance and Change together is a Be-Coming.

Part 6 – “Attention & Intention”

Attention is really about a-tension. When you’re drawn to porn, chocolate, cigarettes, hot woman, there is a-tension created. Understand and learn to work with this, and you will transform your life and move to mastery of your personal state. Where attention goes energy flows. (what we make important with attention, or not). Moving from fixed goals to intentions, and learning how tension works in social dynamics will also allow you to navigate with emotional intelligence and impact.

We’ll also cover – the Four Natural Enemies, Cues, Embodiment, Rites of Passage, the Five Agreements

 Part 1 – “Autonomy and Letting Go”

Are you filling a hole or feeling whole? The damaged masculine acts as an addict and goes on the incessant hunt for women and things to fill his hole. Part of the repair work is understanding how this comes from the disembodied mind, created through childhood imprints. Once the self is re-embodied, social interaction is a co-creation, sharing, overlapping, merging, yet both parties are complete with or without each other. This requires autonomy, redirected focus and letting go.

Part 2 – “The Player vs. the Worker”
It’s funny we call guys trying to get laid as “players” yet they are the ones working for a woman’s affection and often the ones that struggle most with women. The true natural is one that is immersed in a constant state of play and that play trickles down to people around him. By moving from work to play, the man is always autonomous and attractive because his actions are unconditional – independent on reactions from anyone.

Part 3 – “Understanding Attraction on a Gender Level”
Ever tried to “build” attraction and found you were repelling women? That’s because attraction is actually a feminine principle not masculine. You don’t DO attraction, you BE attractive. This is why women find barmen or men in uniform sexy. It is because it symbolises a strong sense of purpose and activity, which creates an osmosis-like effect.

Part 4 – “Masculine Edge: Leading with Empathy not Control”
As with the intention section. There is a clear distinction between leading with empathy and leading with control. One is done as a process driven experience and the other is done as a strategy to acquire something. Boldly leading from a place of sharing is powerful, leading from a place of lack is repellent and selfish.

Part 5 – “Seduction is Reduction: The Spirit of the Child’s Heart”
The elusive state men are looking for is not an iron man facade. It is actually a revealing and unpacking. Instead of seeing it as a “getting in state” it is a dissolving into flow. That flow is Play, Giving and Exploration” and we all had it when we were children. Once we realise the access to our courageous self is within the eyes and heart of our child spirit, we reclaim the exhuberance of life once more.

We’ll also cover – Tempered touch, The Dark Edge of Masculinity, and MORE


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