In The Control Group

This was a campaign response to the ‘pandemic’ where the language of religion ‘believe the science, trust the science’ was being used for science – which is supposed to PROVE first, not ask for BELIEF.

Darren became one of a few campaigners working to establish a formal control group from the conscientious non-participants in the experimental new-to-nature ‘vaccine’ trial for COVID.  
This led to connections with a number of Doctors and some involvement in the new MHS health services in the UK and the new World Council for Health.  (It also seeded some know-how that led to the development of Darren’s latest antioxidant recipe at
Despite amassing a few thousand in the signup list for this, Darren stopped actively pursuing this venture when he found there were others already building credible control groups, and, he decided that he didn’t need to be on every front of this very human battle for a ‘safe place for people to live out and realise ‘self determination and security and liberty of the person’ as enshrined in human and indigenous rights.  

He has passed on his signups to one of the other control groups so he can focus on his other projects.

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