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What is the Rite of Passage all about?

Some modern men and women like to scoff at the notion of the ‘becoming a man,’ as if it just happens by itself with ageing.  But others have a deep sense of knowing that this is not the case.  Certainly, … Read More

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People’s Public Trust

Working History

Darren has worked since he was just 13 years old where he sold confectionary door to door in Scotland, this was followed by paper rounds and a somewhat foolish but thrilling milk round that involved getting up at 2.30 6 … Read More

Men’s Rites and Brotherhood Between Men

The Rites led and shaped by Darren and his team have been hailed as ‘better than the mankind project’ on more than one occasion.  They are currently number 1 in the world.  But no rites are like these rites. I … Read More

Native Reservation One

Originally intended to be an online school ‘just for him’, Darren repurposed his ‘living words university’ website to Native Reservation One in response to the COVID crisis and the technocracy flexing its muscles by deplatforming well established groups who were … Read More

Retreats, Workshops and Talks

Darren has spoken to groups as small as 2, right up to 3000+.  He’s taught and spoken in Europe and Central America as well as his native UK over the last 16 years.  He works with business leaders as easily … Read More

In The Control Group

This was a campaign response to the ‘pandemic’ where the language of religion ‘believe the science, trust the science’ was being used for science – which is supposed to PROVE first, not ask for BELIEF. Darren became one of a … Read More

1-2-1 Mentoring

Darren has been mentoring for over a decade and has helped hundreds of clients transform their lives through learning new understandings of their own behaviour, that of their loved ones, and their relationships.  Not only human relationships, with life itself, … Read More

Language Evolution: A New Paradigm of Language

We are taught two ways of writing the alphabet, and two ways of saying it, yet we’re taught this weird way of using them together than never really explains itself, and makes for clunky issues in translation and pronunciation because … Read More

The First Word

All early recordings of talks on the First Word have been removed from YouTube, seemingly by YouTube.  We’re currently trying to get new copies in lieu of new and up to date content on this magical venture. The First Word … Read More