Working History

Darren has worked since he was just 13 years old where he sold confectionary door to door in Scotland, this was followed by paper rounds and a somewhat foolish but thrilling milk round that involved getting up at 2.30 6 days a week and being dropped off at school stinking of milk only to inevitably fall asleep at times.  

His work continued in service his entire working life after dropping out of his psychology degree, moving from institutions that had major influence in culture, from Sky TV to Scottish Widows, to marketing and IT firms, and mental health.  

He became a whistleblower for the Scottish Parliament in 2001 when he was manager for the Allowances Team, who monitored the spend of all 121 MSP’s.   His inch-thick portfolio showing corruption to labour party HQ was turned down by every major broadsheet and TV station, only to be picked up by a tabloid, and only to scapegoat the members involved, not to show how endemic corruption was.  It took years to realise that ‘one can cast aspersions at any member of parliament, but one cannot publicly prove that the parties themselves are as corrupt, the Empire can’t have that.’

Darren moved to England to serve English public bodies on expenses issues until he had his own breakthroughs as a result of his private life interests that led him to start producing his own unique solutions, events, and offerings to help people struggling with themselves, or with the changes in the world at this time.

This parallel growth aside from his working life was a result of inspirational books and transformational practices Darren started exploring in his teens.  These ranged from well know practises such as meditation to the lesser known mysteries of the Toltecs.

The Toltec lineage, combined with his own truly magical journey with other practices, yielded genuine insights and breakthroughs which have led to the various offerings Darren has brought forward.  These include radical, paradigm-shifting work on Gender, Language, self-compassion and an understanding of self growth and mastery that has proven to be accessible to people from all walks of life.

They are not for everyone, as nothing is, but if you have been looking for something different, felt like something might be missing from the puzzle of understanding yourself, then you may find some useful pieces here.

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