Men’s Rites and Brotherhood Between Men

The Rites led and shaped by Darren and his team have been hailed as ‘better than the mankind project’ on more than one occasion.  They are currently number 1 in the world. 

But no rites are like these rites.

I was always passionate about true gender balance in the world.  I didn’t have the courage to really get into mens work until my experiences with the Peoples Public Trust and the change movement in the UK showed me that DESPITE sharing so much in ideology and purpose, men still did not trust each other.  And without trust, there can be no real movement or change.   

It is through mens work that I have delved into this mystery and yielded gold with my team.   In the years of doing this now, with men who have come again and again to leap into the toltec and native mysteries with me, I have seen what true brotherhood between men can look like, and I can  conclude that it is a truth that until there IS brotherhood between men, there can be no lasting peace in the world.

And until boy-men know what it is to be men, know what is their power and what is not, know what it is to be met, seen and to journey with other men, just men, in the right way, with the right intent, with the right tools… well, until then, this mayhem of competition against, rather than with, each other will continue.

We tell no one what we do at the Rites.  These are not inherited or imported rites, these came as a result of using Native methods and Rites which seeded new visions of new rites, and these new rites have proven themselves again and again and again to be powerfully transformational in the right way.  Our men don’t leave all pumped and roaring, but graceful, quiet, smiling.

Mystery has got them.

Rooted in the Toltec mysteries and other native traditions, these mens events are a deep medicine for any man sufferings from the wounds of an unskillful culture with unskilful men in it.

See the testimonials from previous attendees here: 

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