Native Reservation One

Originally intended to be an online school ‘just for him’, Darren repurposed his ‘living words university’ website to Native Reservation One in response to the COVID crisis and the technocracy flexing its muscles by deplatforming well established groups who were enjoying freedom of association and freedom of thought to discuss world events.

The site is now a group-oriented social media network with an incredible array of features, from social media wall to forums for long form discussion.  Direct messaging, integrated group zoom, feature-rich service directory with peer reviews, blogs, pages, and both private and public group experiences, online learning environment and broadcasting, it really does have it all.

The initial trial groups are just getting setup and it is wonderful that they are all centred around health, but the real premise of the site and the name is based on Darren’s political, theological, social and psychological stance on world affairs – that is that we are ALL indigenous, or Native, and the ways of living we choose to engage in with our free will are not an ‘alternative’ to some central norm, but are NATIVE to our freedom as earthling to self determination and the liberty of our bodies and what we do with them on the earth.  

The rights of self-determination and security and liberty of the person are promised under both Human Rights and Indigenous Rights, but somehow only recognised under Indigenous Rights.  Darren’s Stance is that He, his family and People ARE indigenous and this, Native Reservation One is a place which Champions the Native right of all humans to talk freely about issues facing their families and communities and to be able to choose and plan a way forward for THEIR people when the existing structures and systems have either broken trust or are failing to provide security, hope and a meaningful direction.  

“Why do western people refer to indigenous people without referring to themselves”?

Because they were colonised so long ago, the bridge to ancestral ways and words and songs hacked and drowned and burned over millennia, that they have simply forgotten this simple truth until now.  In these days of remembrancing and healing of connections with ancestors, this is the time of the remembrancing of the Nativity of the Westerner.  That we are Native too, and that while we may have forgotten, the bridges can be rebuilt and our rights remembered as already claimed by our long suffering older brothers and sisters who still remember in the native tribes.
Native Reservation One is an online venue that stands with Indigenous, Native Power.  It champions your right to puzzle this out your way and maybe between us, we can find a way forward that serves us.  We are not the alternatives.  We are the future.

Native Reservation One is for people and groups with wish to Heal the Past, Solve the Problems of the Present and Build the Future.

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