The First Word

All early recordings of talks on the First Word have been removed from YouTube, seemingly by YouTube.  We’re currently trying to get new copies in lieu of new and up to date content on this magical venture.

The First Word is Darren’s core life work, all his offerings stem from this, and, while there has been no new content on this in recent years, this is due to focussing on issues more immediately accessible to your average person for bringing about lasting and meaningful personal and social change.

Despite this shift in surface priority, for Darren, the venture with the most potential for lasting human change globally is this : The First Word.

For Humans, the greatest obstacle to unity and a more integrated planet is not politics, nor competition, nor even capitalism, but translation…

The fact that our most passionate thinkers and visionaries are all limited by the quality of translation shows we have a massive schism in our species, one which is summarised as : 

‘As a species, we agree on the terms for not one thing, not even a name for our species, our planet, nor the cosmic/energetic environment we find ourselves in’

The First Word: The Word from The Beginning is the remedy suggested in this branch of service work.  By going to the ultimate common ancestor, we can find something common to all humans, regardless of current language, culture or belief.  
The only place to find such commonality is at the very, very beginning.

While renewed content still has to be produced in relation to this, the ‘tidbit’ to get you started musing this is as follows : 
<insert this in a call-out box or similar emphasised location/box>“Our animal group is a mammal.  All mammals are gestated in the same way, in a womb, with similar organs and other features shared by them all.   IF there was a large mammal outside your space right now, and it made a sound…. Would you recognise it?

Would you recognise : 

….a dog? 
….a sheep?
…. a cow?…. a horse?
Probably… and would it matter how big it was? What colour it was?  From where in the world it came from?   

Probably not. 

This shows us that ALL mammals are recognisable by a ‘core sound’ that is in line with their core features.  
So…. What is ours?  What is the human ‘core sound’?   The very fact you pause, hesitate or experience any kind of ‘gap’ in the immediate knowing of such a fundamental question and answer IS the root of this problem.  It is the root of our separation from each other, the world, the other animals, as well as the divine….;
THIS is the bridge ‘the First Word’ repairs…. And over the years, Darren has received mail from all over the world, in every continent, with a message along the lines of ‘d’you know what… you might be right… because this works for me, despite having a different language, culture etc etc…’

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