The Reset Technique

This is the Reset Technique(tm).   You can use it to…reset yourself.

It is a highly effective method for dealing with addictive urges, fixated thoughts, obsessions and unwanted habitual behaviours/reactions.

Whether its substance, or a memory, or a behaviour, this technique buys you a moment break to choose something new.

It works for everyone and is really easy to learn. 

It is also excellent for handling really intense situations when you want to behave differently, think, or feel differently than you do: it is GREAT for changing habitual patterns of reaction or behaviour. 

I’ve used it personally for 25 years, and have used it with private clients and in a mental health context with great effect can attest to its versatility, and effectiveness,  for all sorts of situations.  

This won’t change you, but it can buy you the moments you need to change yourself.   

I hope this buys you a moment for some needed change, or a moments relief, as you need.

Standby, Reset : Power

It delivers an unprecendented shortcut to becoming immediately present, centred and ready to move in new ways.

I have taught workshops a day long on this, it has that much richness and depth to it. 

In a very real way, it is an open eyed meditation, for the hustle and bustle of daily life – at the shop, on the bus, in the street, at work, anywhere we need a break from tension or fixation. 


Practice privately and publicly, and, at first you may feel a bit strange, like you stand out or look crazy – don’t worry, there is a reason for that, and it will pass.

If you would like more guidance and support with this technique, signup to my mailing list to be notified when The Reset Technique ™ online course is ready, which will really accelerate your progress with this method of bringing powerful change to habitual behaviours and reactions.

Thanks for your attention

Darren Deojee

This technique is not ‘mine’, though the method and narrative is. 

I learned it 25 years ago, but in a different way, for a different purpose. 

It has been taught from the far east to the far west as everything from native tracking method, to an open eyed mediation, even to an invisibility technique!   

For the yoga practitioners among you, this is a Pratyahara technique, though that is not what I learnt it as, it is what I have taught it as, many years back.

This widespread use, with myriad methods and stories to go with it, is a clear sign this technique is a native state and capacity in us all, but THIS particular method of ‘going in’  and of breathing and narrative is my methodology and I invite your fair credit if you share it.


I hope you get some personal benefit from this, and if you do choose to use it with your own clients or employees, which I freely invite, as it is very versatile and effective.  I learned it 25 years ago and have have cultivated this method of guiding others into it over the last 13 in both a 121 client and mental health context. 

I am sharing it freely for you to use with others as it can bring great relief from suffering, fixation and all forms of tension, even momentarily, for rapid change.

This ‘route in:’ the breathing to remain present within it; the narrative of the importance and unimportance, and ‘at-tension’ is my intellectual property and part of my broader philosophy, methods and teaching.   

If you wish to go deeper into the technique, as it has many riches for many aspects of self development and behavioural development that I would be happy to share to greater empower your own effectiveness, and with your clients. 

Contact me about in person workshops or online courses. 

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